L pissed

Not again.

Okay DJ thinks he owns the world. That little fuckhead believes that every little thing is his and he controls it, he probably gets it from my mom. Honestly I can't wait till that bitch goes into high school and gets himself fucked up. I don't give a shit if you are a black belt in tae kwon do when you're up against big black dudes with a posse you're fucked.

This bitch talks like he is the king. Everything we do is for him. "Find the M-com stations" "What the fuck are you doing with the gun it sucks!" Back seat gamer bitch needs to stfu. This little bitch should go die in a fucking fire. Ugh I really need to find a way to piss him off. I'll start by hiding his cell phone charger. That bitch will be fucked.

Gosh. This guy is a fucking retard. I just want to drop him off in the bad parts of compton and see how well he does there. The first time he says the N word is when that bitch loses his head.

FUCK i just want to lop his head off with the cleaver in the kitchen. I should just stand in his room with the knife and walk toward him. If that bitch every messes with me I'll fucking kick his ass.

He is such a cunt and a homophobe. I mean hey the more you hate them the more likely you are one. I don't doubt he'll end up going out with a guy in the near future. He fucks up every single relationship he has with a girl it's so funny to watch. God he is so screwed for life. I don't care if that bitch has all a's or is loved more. Life's gonna hit him hard and he's gonna end up plumbing while I am genetically modifying corn. I hope to god that this bitch gets what he deserves.

God I hate how my mom ignores it when it cusses. I mean she is RIGHT FUCKING THERE and it seems like she doesn't hear him. Yeah I know your a deaf bitch but please just stop fucking around. You know I was told to tell her to check her hearing out with the doctor. I planned too for a while before she started again with the favoritism and the fucking retard bitching. So guess who's gonna lose their hearing. THATS RIGHT. I shoulda just walked out of the house during that one fight. They told me they'd kick me out if I ever got pregnant, ARE YOU FUCKIGN KIDDING ME!? I'M NOT AS RETARDED AS YOU. I KNOW WHAT A CONDOM IS AND HOW TO USE IT. UNLIKE YOUR CHRISTIAN ASS WHO ISN'T ALLOWED TO USE IT AND YOUR KIND ENDS UP FATHERING ALL SORT OF UNPLANNED CHILDREN. Dammit your fucking shit spawn. I shoulda just walked out there. REALLY. Just pack my shit, my penguin, and other important stuff and head to Max's house. They'd adopt my ass in a second. We've talked about it too. God honestly I wish they'd kick me out. They'd look SOOOO bad when they went to church that week. Where is she? Oh we kicked her out of the house cause she got pregnant. HAH.

I can just imagine the look on their faces. Or not they could be just as fucktarded and be like. Fuck yeah! *high five* but I doubt it. THEY are actually good people.

Okay I'm done
L pissed

Life Rant

So I haven't really written anything for a while and chances are no one is ever going to read this. I just need to get this off my chest before I fucking stab a bitch.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is something she couldn't spell or even get close to understanding.

Okay so my mom is quite the fucking bitch. I don't even know where to start with this fucking piece of work. First of all she has no fucking respect for me. I'm in my room CHANGING mind you and I hear her " I need to get something in your room". First of fucking all I'm in my bra BRA secondly I fucking panic and then yell as loud as I fucking can, cause the bitch is deaf too. DON'T COME IN. guess who fucking comes in? YEAH. I was in my bra clutching a shirt to my chest ready to grab the closed blade and slice her pulmonary artery. Geezus christ I mean REALLY i tell you not to come into MY room and you fucking go ahead and barge in like some elephant women and grab a hood from my basket I mean SHIT. You are deaf like a bat without the fucking sonic radar. Trust me she can't hear SHIT. i was in the car and i was asking her something. She couldn't hear so I said it twice. Then I yell it out and she's liek OOOO. My fucktard brother is like hey don't yell and I'm like she couldn't hear. Then I curse both of them under my breath. Any way She constantly moves my stuff and NEVER FUCKING TELLS ME where it is she doesn't know. She constantly loses shit which is why i tell her not to touch my stuff. This makes me come to my next point hypocrisy.

Do as I say not as I do. Well can I still stab you?

Yeah hypocrite! She is the worst! She'll do something and then yell at me for that same something. She loses her phone, I get yelled at for losing my phone. I forget to do something, and she yells at me for it and then forgets something as well. Her stupidity and retardation goes to no end. I mean I understand no human is perfect but why waste carbon on this piece of useless shit? I know that I am not even close to an angel but at least I don't barge in on someone whos changing, yelling at someone who does what I do, or is a bitchy closed-minded conserative illiterate.

Yeah I went there.

Conservative. Fine what ever but don't bring that shit to me. Look for god for help. No offense to anyone who is religious but not all people are going to believe the same thing. Relgion doesn't save lives. All you missionaries ready to spread the light of the lord realize that what you are opting to do destroys culture. Aztecs, Filipinos, African tribes, you name it they've killed it. Honestly telling someone they are going to burn if they don't obey these set laws is quite scary for someone who lives in a hut and has felt fire's sting. So of course their going to convert, eventually through the generation line all the children will forget the old ways and lose what made their people special. Hmm lets see a destruction of tradition? YEAH. What does the destroyer get out of it? Another converted country to add to the list. Chalk one up for the moral crusaders! They sail back to their fucking cuntry and high five the pope after he's done raping deaf and blind boys.

Errrr. tangent sorry.

Anywhos being quite liberal in a conservative environment is taking a toll on me. It's not that their particularly too religious but it's just subtle little things. For example racist jokes at the table, not the funny ones the ones made by ignorant people. Speaking of ignorant people there is my retard of a brother but we'll get to him later. Anywho yeah religion is not my thing, unfortunately it's the bitch's. God fucking damn. *insert a blasphamious picture of god fucking a dam here* I mean her blind following of the bible makes me wanna hurl. Hell if you need a book to be a good person you might as well stop pretending.

And second place for scurge of humanity goes too....

DJ. My brother who was spawned from a lame donkey and the devils deformed incest child (his chromasomes are few and fucked up). He plays modern warfare, which turns any mild mannered grazing gamer (not saying he was one) to a fire spewing dragon lion. He is so racist and mentally challange when he speaks during that game that it's hard not to cut your ear off. Vincent Van Gogh would have been deaf if he ever met my brother. You'd think we'd have some simliar genes right? I have black hair, bad eyes, tan skin, and a gift for math so does he THAT IS IT. As for cognative ability and general intelligance we are so off. He is prone to ridculous fail logic, retard remarks, put downs read off the bathroom stalls, and fuck-tard reasoning. I need a paragraph break before you get bored...


He is just full of bull and oddly enough favored by my parents. Yeah I live with a bunch of idiots. Filipino just demands gender inequality and this is one of it. Example. He asks for a Xbox 360 and he gets it. Supposedly both of ours yet in his room. HMMM i fucking wonder whos it really is???!!! Anywho that cost close to 500 dollars with tax and extra goodies. NOW I ask for a 180 dollar itouch FOR CHRISTMAS. His gift was on his fucking whim. Now when I'm bawling it out with my psychiatrist and fucktard family minus devil spawn DJ my dad is like "Well my son (emphasis on the cutsey endearing "I-love-you-more-than-my-daughter-'my'") doesn't ask for much, and he doesn't leave home often." Yeah the fact that he doens't want too makes him a social fucked loner child who makes up for it by yelling fag over modern warfare games. Do you see what's wrong here? Yeah that fact that I want to see my boyfriend and have a life is completely unreasonable. They love to shut us in.

Trapped like a rat

So my mom takes care of my grandma, we are the "mama hub" for our family on my mom's side. We get alot of visits from family, equally religious or more but less fucktarded. Anyway it's Filipino tradiation to take care of your elderly rents after their hair whitens. Yeah NOT GONNA HAPPEN convalecent home here you come becuase you years of not letting me go outside is gonna leave you with never being able to go outside or even walk. Sure I'll visit sometimes (I'm not that evil) but no treating you like a child feeding and caretakering. You're attempts to groom me into caregiver maid-hood has epic BACKFIRED! Yeah I like the maid asthetic but this isn't worth it. I'm gonna be traveling the world, not sitting at home.

Yeah thats my life

Filled with constricting parents, a disgusting sibling, and loads of ridiculous tendencies which makes me wanna spoon all of their eyeballs out with melon ballers. The only good part about this is my boyfriend Max. Yes that's you sweetie :)

Though I think you helped in unleashing the fury and rage toward them I think if you didn't I would have popped like a bloated waterballon and spill loads of hellion water over people who I would never want to hurt. Thank you. I'm glad they let me still see him (SOOO THANKFUL FOR THAT!) despite my mom being a whore about it. God my dad (usually the strict one) is now more relaxed than she is. He's my new favorite :3 . God there is something definately wrong in the whole stricter-than-dad thing. My mom needs to lighten the fuck up BIG TIME.

Anyway that's my life at the moment and as my phone clings to my skin, being perilously close to sliding down my shirt and into my bra, I be you farewell and hope that you NEVER have to have parents like min. If you do, plan our your schooling and college, pitch it, get approval from rents and get the FUCK outta your house. Go live with a nice boy or girl and do what evolution dictates you to do. Fuck until the sun comes up.

Peace out lovers, haters, and masturbaters.
(crude yet oddly satisfying to type out :)

Keep it real.


The universe tells me what to do O_o
and I do it with gusto ;)

P.S remember that thing about drama monday's? guess what day it is MONDAY! D:<
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Quagsire :D

PIllow Mist stuff!

Whoops i keep on forgetting to post the results of my "pillow mist" experiment.

Honestly i think that it works XD

Well from the time of my last last post about sleep it was a long time right?

Thats because i was ASLEEP at night and not up at 4 something am writing about the winter formal (see below post)

It works, just don't spray to much of it or it's not going to be pretty 8D or in matsudas case D8 HAHA

Also for the record i am ALWAYS making things into a experiment and trying to figure stuff out.

Hence my over thought analysis' and habit of second guessing myself
Quagsire :D

Today's happenings (Fuuuu! XD) + an emotionial breakdown of me

Yeeaaaahh. Random... Anyways today I felt very useful and productive! (Though I wasn't in Scientific studies (Math and physics)) But i did make a few really cool doodles and I managed to finish and submit my screenplay, which I think might have a chance of winning!

I would LOVE to have it made into a movie!!!!!!!

You have no effing clue how awesome it would be! :D

Also after downloading and playing a game about Mello and Near (it includes shounen-ai and yaoi XD)

Collapse )
Also DJ is a tard :/
Quagsire :D

Writer's Block: R.E.A.D. in America Day

In celebration of R.E.A.D. in America Day, tell us about what you're reading. How is reading important to you? What would you recommend to others?
Well I'm not reading anything XD.

But reading is important to me, though i don't do it much.

I would recommend a book called...  damn i don't remember the title XD

But it was about a girl in an indian tribe whos family makes a new birchbark house every (insert name of season here) She ends up having to catch some crows that are eating their crops, Her sister snaps the neck of the birds after they got caught in the net (which really made me sick and neck paranoid -.-) But they spare a baby crow and it ends up being the girls new pet errr companion, partner animal thing XD.

Yeah i think the title has birchbark in it like the birchbark hut or house or something along those lines.... Yeeeaaaahhh. I fail at recalling old titles of books XP
Quagsire :D

Encyclopedia Dramatica: Best Website for Lulz EVER!

 Bwaahahahahah! The information on this website is highly insulting... But hilarious!

Seriously i looked up Death Note on there and i cried tears of lol! (see I'm even typing like them now!)

Honestly I've heard of the website but i never actually went on until now. 

Also for the icon i used.... Well i know there is a bigger icon that is pretty similar... Can somebody pleeaaase help me find it? 

Yeaaaaah I'm done!

CHECK IT OUT! http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Death_Note